Wofür lieben wir italienische Damen Lederhantaschen und warum?

What do we love Italian genuine leather handbags for and why?

Italian women's leather handbags - these words light up every fashionista. Why is this so? The long tradition of leather manufacturing in Italy is hugely important. There, handbags are often made by entire families and the secrets of the trade are passed down from generation to generation.

Italian leather handbags - synonymous with class and elegance

Soft natural leather handbags are created by manufacturers from different countries, but Italian handbags are still the most popular. Why? Italy is a country where the tradition of leather making has very deep roots, and the masters of this craft there have mastered it to perfection. In addition, the Italians almost always use natural tannins in the leather tanning process, which makes the leather more velvety and smoother.

Vegetable-tanned leather is much more durable than chrome-tanned leather. A leather bag looks like new, even after several years of use. With proper care (a leather polish once a month is enough), such a bag will always look phenomenal!

So don't be surprised that Italian leather handbags are so expensive - you are paying for quality. The reason vegetable-tanned leather is more expensive than chrome-tanned leather is that the process takes more time. Natural products are not as effective as heavy metals, so they take longer to work. A longer process means a more expensive product, but one that is of much higher quality.

Ok, but after all, vegetable-tanned leather does not necessarily have to be Italian to be better. Very good vegetable-tanned leather can be found in many parts of the world. So why is it that Italian leather is considered the best? One reason is that Italian tanneries handle the entire tanning process in one place. Leather is tanned with passion and knowledge passed down from generation to generation. Italians take it as seriously as food. No self-respecting manufactory from Italy will allow itself shortcomings. The workshops where Italian leather handbags are sewn tend to have a very long tradition and therefore also incredible experience. The genius of Italian manufactures cannot be questioned. Italian leather handbags are refined in every detail - this is their fundamental characteristic.

Our women's handbags are made of natural cowhide leather, with a smooth surface. This type of leather is characterised by being soft and velvety to the touch. The bags are sewn by hand and then fully dyed, aged and refined. These processes guarantee a long-lasting natural leather effect and a velvety feel. The leather used in production is hardwearing and unique in appearance.

There is also no denying that Italian genuine leather handbags are renowned for their excellent design and have a well thought-out internal structure, which makes them simply comfortable to use.



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