Wie pflegt man eine italienische Lederhandtasche?

How to Care for an Italian Leather Handbag?

Natural animal leather is a unique material with a non-uniform structure. The folds, abrasions, slight imperfections and scratches that can be observed in the structure of the leather give the product a unique and unrepeatable character. Such "imperfections" are proof of the authenticity of natural leather. Such leather is smooth on the inside and is characterized by a pronounced "spot structure". Grain leather is usually cowhide, lamb or goatskin. It's soft and delicate.
Like human skin, natural leather also needs to be cleaned, cared for, oiled and impregnated regularly. Otherwise, it will become stiffer, feel uncomfortable, and may dry out and crack. Untreated leather wears out faster, loses its aesthetic qualities and can also get wet.

Step I - empty your purse!

When it comes to caring for a leather handbag, the first thing you need to do is clean up the inside. This step, while trivial, is skipped by many, which only complicates the care of the leather handbag itself. All compartments and corners of the bag should be checked and the contents removed. It is best to turn the liner upside down to make sure there are no receipts, crumbs, or small coins inside. Shake out the inside of the bag on a table or, as a last resort, use a vacuum.

When cleaning the inside of the bag, it is important to follow the instructions on the label attached to the product. While the bag itself is made out of genuine leather, the inside of the bag can be made out of different materials like silk, viscose, satin or velvet. The cleaning recommendations on the labels depend on the fabric used for each model.

Once the inside of the bag is completely dry, you can start caring for the leather handbag from the outside. Improper storage or neglecting to impregnate a leather handbag regularly can result in stains and dirt on the surface. The blue discoloration that occurs when the light-colored material comes into contact with jeans is particularly popular. To remove them, it is worth using a special preparation for cleaning leather handbags. However, these products differ in their composition. Therefore, be sure to read the information on the packaging and choose a product that is suitable for natural leather. Wet wipes for children can also be used. Their composition is safe for the material and allows you to remove small dirt and dust from the surface of the bag without the risk of discoloring it. After the entire bag has been cleaned, wipe off the excess moisture with a dry cotton cloth. After this cleaning you should let the bag dry completely in an airy place.

If there are no contraindications, it is advisable to wipe the inside of the bag with a damp microfiber cloth. For stronger stains, such as B. pen stains, you can afford to gently wash the inner lining with a liquid intended for wool or delicate fabrics, or use a cotton swab soaked in spirit. Simply rub the stain until it comes off. After cleaning, let the inside of the leather handbag dry in an airy place. Do not use electric dryers for drying and do not place the handbag on a radiator, as this can have fatal consequences and lead to damage.

Step II - Cleaning the outside

The easiest way is to use a suitable special leather lotion that cares for and waterproofs the leather of the bag, e.g. B. based on beeswax. To apply the special product, first wipe the bag with a soft, damp cloth to remove dust and dirt from the leather surface. It is best to apply 2 thin layers of the product and let it dry for about 15 minutes. In the last step, the excess product is rubbed off with a soft cloth.

There is also a more advanced method of caring for leather handbags. It consists of several steps. To do this, stock up on leather conditioners: leather soap and grease, wax-based pigment cream and paste or wax. Then follow these steps:
  • Clean the bag with a dry cloth. If the leather is heavily soiled, use leather soap.
  • Apply leather grease to nourish and soften the leather and protect it from cracking and soaking.
  • Apply a leather cream with a wax-based pigment to enhance the color and shine and to cover minor scratches and discoloration on the bag's surface.
  • Additionally protect the leather and give it an exceptional shine with a special paste or wax.

Home remedies for cleaning handbags made of natural leather

What does it look like when you take care of handbags made of natural leather with homemade methods? Here are some of the most popular methods:
  • Eraser - sometimes smudges can be easily erased from a pen or marker. By gently rubbing the stained area with an eraser, you can easily remove the stain from the leather surface. Please note, however, that with light-colored bags you should use a light-colored eraser that does not leave any visible traces.
  • Lemon juice - this is a natural and safe means of cleaning leather handbags. Simply blot the stained area with a cloth soaked in juice, wait a while, then rub gently.
  • Egg whites - a method of cleaning leather handbags, well suited for greasy stains. Simply apply a portion of the foam to the soiled surface with a few drops of turpentine to work wonders.
  • Vinegar diluted with water - wipe the surface of the bag with this mixture so that it regains its former glory.
  • Onion juice - this method works if you're wondering how to clean a patent leather handbag. It perfectly cleans and refreshes the material.
  • Vaseline - this is a good choice if you want to remove pen stains or mold.
  • stale bread - this is the answer to the question of how to clean a suede or nubuck handbag. Because with these materials, it is important to avoid agents that could penetrate deeply.

How do you clean patent leather handbags?

Patent leather is a material commonly used in the manufacture of women's handbags. It is characterized by its intense color and luster, as well as its resistance to mechanical damage. It is much easier to care for than other types of leather because it does not need to be oiled or greased. Handbags made of patent leather, such as the Italian backpack Marco Mazzini Capri camel, harmonize perfectly with elegant styles and chic leisure outfits. They are highly valued for their aesthetics and functionality. Because they don't require a lot of effort to present themselves neatly and attractively.

Cleaning a patent leather handbag is limited to wiping with damp baby wipes, although special products for patent leather can also be used. Many people also recommend home remedies for cleaning patent leather and removing stains.

Since a handbag is a personal item, caring for it should be a pleasure. Caring for the leather of a bag requires just as much attention as caring for the skin or hair. The leather will repay that care - if cared for, it will stay supple and comfortable for years to come.®

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