Premium-Handtaschen 2023: Shopper und Tote Bags aus Leder sind wieder im Kommen

Premium handbags 2023: Leather shoppers and tote bags are making a comeback

High-quality fashion never goes out of style. On the contrary: Despite the galloping inflation, it is worth investing in handbags from well-known brands that can later be resold at a profit. The top model of the season is the classic flap bag from Chanel. She is still the most popular model of the French fashion house. The price was raised this spring, so that in early March you had to pay between 8 and 16 percent more for the iconic design. The smallest, but at the same time one of the most popular handbags of this model - the Small - became even more expensive by 17 percent. As Sotheby's experts point out, the price of the Chanel flap bag has doubled since 2016. In addition, it is still not a widespread product that can be bought in stores.

One of the most popular brands this season is Diesel. The Italian fashion company has undergone an absolute metamorphosis and is once again considered one of the leading brands. Immediately after the complete rebranding, Diesel announced that it would be re-launching an old handbag model in a refreshed form. The 1DR model cost less than €250 last year. The first batch of handbags was completely sold out, subsequent batches were no less successful. In the spring of 2023, the price of the handbag has doubled, and everything indicates that its value will not decrease.

Model 1DR

A brand worth keeping an eye on? Miu Miu. Though for years Miu Miu was thought to be Prada's bottom line, the brand has evolved into a full-fledged luxury brand that's generating gargantuan sales and aiming to appeal to Gen Z consumers. This season, Miu Miu has launched a whole series of elongated suitcases reminiscent of 1970s style. They are reminiscent of bowling bags, are made of natural, quilted leather and come in muted retro colors (white, grey, black). The cheapest handbag model costs around €2,500.

Fashionable handbags: shoppers and tote bags made of leather

A shopper or tote bag is a must-have in your wardrobe this season. Large, spacious handbags are very trendy! There was a lot of talk about handbags during last year's Honey Week. In recent seasons we have mainly carried micro bags and baguettes, but in spring and summer 2023 we will switch to spacious shoulder bags. Large leather baskets and bags were launched by Max Mara, massive shoppers by Prada. Loewe and Gabriela Hearst also offer interesting XXL bags.

prada tote bag

The tote bag breaks popularity records on Instagram and Tik Tok. It has gone viral and is undoubtedly one of this season's trendiest bags. It looks best in the hand and is worn that way. This season, of course, it's being promoted by Marc Jacobs, but also by Max Mara, Schiaparelli and Prada (who can't decide on one size and therefore design three). Balmain has also found an interesting solution to the trend and presents its models with two bags, one smaller and one larger.

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